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免費街機App|Snake - Easy Snake X|阿達玩APP

This is a clone of snake, the classical game, which is the perfect pastime!

For those that do not originate from this period: The aim of the snake game is to feed his snake and moving through the various mazes. The more points you eat, the higher the score.

Very simple, but extremely addictive! This snake game is suitable for all ages

Try it out and get it now for free (Optional functions can be activated in the game)


-4 control modes ( eg. button control, slide control )

免費街機App|Snake - Easy Snake X|阿達玩APP

-5 difficult

-9 maps

免費街機App|Snake - Easy Snake X|阿達玩APP

-21 achievements to unlock

-4 different background images

免費街機App|Snake - Easy Snake X|阿達玩APP

-Retro display can be optionally added

-Optimated for smartphones and tablets

免費街機App|Snake - Easy Snake X|阿達玩APP

-free Updates

If you have trouble with the game then let us know, but notice:. Don´t forget to tell us on which device this problem occured.

If you liked this game, then please rate it. We are grateful for any assistance on your part =)

And now enjoy snaken ..

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