Smash! (trial)|免費玩休閒App


免費休閒App|Smash! (trial)|阿達玩APP

Let your toddler have some fun on your fancy Android device!

Touch the screen to display fun animated characters and cute laughing sounds that will bring a smile to any baby's face.

This is a trial version.

免費休閒App|Smash! (trial)|阿達玩APP

For the full version, please search for the application called "Smash!", or download this trial and click on the Url that appears inside the application

In the trial version, after 30 "smashes" you will experience a 20 seconds delay before you can continue "smashing".

If you (or your toddler) enjoy "smashing", please buy the full app.

Thank you!

Inspired by the great BabySmash:

And by AlphaBaby:

Smash! (trial) APP玩不用錢

Smash! (trial)玩免錢App

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