Smart Widget - UCCW Skin|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Smart Widget - UCCW Skin|阿達玩APP


This is not a stand-alone app. This is not a CM / AOKP theme. You need to have a custom launcher (like ADW, Nova or Apex), UCCW etc. Weather provider: Yahoo.

Download UCCW to use this skin from here

Steps to add skin/ theme to homescreen:

1) Press the Menu button or a Long Press to your Home Screen

2) Pick Add Apps and Widgets.

免費個人化App|Smart Widget - UCCW Skin|阿達玩APP

3) Pick Widget Size 2 x 4

4) Touch and Hold the Widget and drag to your Home Screen

5) Now, tap in the widget and it will take you to UCCW app, once there press the menu button and click Lock Widgets (Hotspot Mode) and turn on, now exit the UCCW app.

* 4 Hotspot included (messages, phone, camera and update weather) the most useful apps in your phone.

* In this version you can change colors, properties, time, date, fonts, background, size and much more.

* must wait a few minutes while the weather sync or you can do it manually.

=== Contact / Feedback / Request ===

There's no way to reply to reviews or comments. Email me if you need any help with the installation or have a question. I'll reply within 24 hours.

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