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免費通訊App|Skinny Mobile|阿達玩APP

The Skinny Mobile app makes it easy to Top-Up, check your balance and manage your Combos and Add-Ons when you’re on the go.

Do your thing better with the Skinny Mobile app:

1. Top-Up using a voucher or your pre-registered credit/debit card.

2. Check your balance and see if you’re running low on minutes, texts or data.

3. Manage your Combo and Add-Ons - check what Combo you’re on and customise it with Add-Ons. You can even choose a new Combo if you want to mix it up.

There are heaps of other cool things that you can do on the app too, like transferring credit to your mates, so download the app to start making the most of it.

The app is free, but just a heads up that you’ll use a little bit of data downloading it, so be savvy and hook into some Wi-fi if you're running low on data.

免費通訊App|Skinny Mobile|阿達玩APP

*****Handy tips for when you enter your number:******

免費通訊App|Skinny Mobile|阿達玩APP

> If you want to enter your mobile number with the +64 at the front make sure you drop the first 0 eg. +64 204 123 456

> Or you can just enter your mobile number with the 0204, 027, 022, 021 bit at the front eg. 0204 123 456

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