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免費書籍App|Simply Bible|阿達玩APP

Powerful and easy to use, this beautiful and completely offline bible reader includes 31 popular translations from around the world.

Enrich your studies further with a selection of 10 useful biblical maps. Make searches, take notes and share verses.


免費書籍App|Simply Bible|阿達玩APP

• A complete and fully offline package

• Color-coded bookmarks with customizable labels

• A zoomable collection of 10 of the best biblical maps

• Find books quickly, in order or by alphabet

• Fast word search and counting across chapters, books, or the entire bible

免費書籍App|Simply Bible|阿達玩APP

• Personalize your bible with 24 cool & fun themes

• Automatic read history tracking with date and time

• Sermon notes manager

• Verse sharing through texting/sms or email

免費書籍App|Simply Bible|阿達玩APP

This free trial version of Simply Bible is fully functional and includes all bible translations for the NT. Tried it and like it? Buy the full app and get the OT as well!

Includes English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese bibles.

All bibles are already included so you can also read in airplanes, trains, mountains, foreign countries and remote places. No matter where you are, the Word of God is now with you. Always. And simple.

免費書籍App|Simply Bible|阿達玩APP


English Bible, الكتاب المقدس عربية, 中国 圣经, 中國 聖經, Česká, Dansk Bibel, Nederlandse Bijbel, Françaises, Deutsch, Ελληνική Βίβλος, Italiano Bibbia, 日本 聖書, 한국어 성경, Norsk, Bíblico Português, Biblia Român, Россия Библии, Español, Svenska, พระคัมภีร์ไทย, Türk Incil, Kinh Thánh Tiếng Việt

免費書籍App|Simply Bible|阿達玩APP


KJV (King James Version),AKJV (American),UKJV (Updated/NKJV),ASV (Standard),WEB,BBE (Basic),AraSVD (Van Dyke),CSBKR (Kralická),BDA,DELUT (Luther),NEU (Neue),ZUR (Zürcher),SRV (Reina-Valera),LSG (Segond),MGV,LND (Diodati),NSV (Staten),NOR,JFA (Almeida),POR,VDC (Dumitru),RST (Synodal),SFB (Folkbibeln),SVEN,TCL02,VI1934 (Kinh Thánh Tiêng Viêt),CUV (和合本),CNV (新译本),KOU,KOR (현대어 성경),TKJV

What's new in version 1.3:

- Italian and modern Greek bibles

免費書籍App|Simply Bible|阿達玩APP

- Additional English, German and Chinese texts

- Various functional and graphical improvements

免費書籍App|Simply Bible|阿達玩APP

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