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免費個人化App|Simplo Widgets|阿達玩APP

Simplo Widgets includes 24 matching Zooper Pro skins that can be used with the Simplo Icon Pack which is available here: Simplo Icon Pack

Multiple and separated widgets gives you the complete flexibility to customize and setup your home screen the way you want.


This is not a standalone app. You need to download Zooper Widget Pro v2.42 or higher from Google Play before you install this app.


- 3 Styles of Widgets ( 1 style of Clock/Date, 2 Styles of Clock/Weather/Battery)

免費個人化App|Simplo Widgets|阿達玩APP

- 8 Different Color Combos

How to Apply

1. Download and install the skin

免費個人化App|Simplo Widgets|阿達玩APP

2. Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen (via long press on homescreen or appdrawer).

免費個人化App|Simplo Widgets|阿達玩APP

3. When Zooper widget skins list pops up, choose Simplo to apply.

免費個人化App|Simplo Widgets|阿達玩APP

4. Touch the image


If you have any icon request or questions then feel free to email me at

免費個人化App|Simplo Widgets|阿達玩APP

免費個人化App|Simplo Widgets|阿達玩APP

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