Simple Memory Training|免費玩解謎App


免費解謎App|Simple Memory Training|阿達玩APP

※ This document has been translated using Google.

Toreapuri train the brain is a simple memory.

Just remember to answer the question several times the numbers will be displayed.

Number of digits, the number of display, display interval can be set to your liking.

※Value can be set


免費解謎App|Simple Memory Training|阿達玩APP

数字桁数:1桁-7桁(Number of digits)

出題表示間隔:0.25秒-3秒(Display time)

I think more than 20 the number of display digits, and a great memory if you can correct the problem.

※Although personally I think even more than 15 amazing.

Because computational problems are also questions as well as memory sometimes, I be careful.

Every mode was also made as "ランダム".

免費解謎App|Simple Memory Training|阿達玩APP

Instead of the value that you set yourself, the problem will be fixed automatically questions.


There are also other apps.

免費解謎App|Simple Memory Training|阿達玩APP



免費解謎App|Simple Memory Training|阿達玩APP

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