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免費書籍App|Silverlight Code Browser|阿達玩APP

The essential Silverlight Code Reference on the phone. Primarily a tool for old people like me that can't remember hardly how todo a for loop, this quick reference helps me remember how to program silverlight not only on the phone but in all its many platforms. Also note that this is a port of a free desktop app found on using the same underlying reference although this one is 'metro' ized for the phone.

Some of the great features in this app include all the code being local in the app so you don't use wifi. everything is tagged and searchable. code snippets can be emailed to your self until cut and paste works... ;) there are dev demos that you can launch from the about screen and much much more.

Recent Updates Include:

免費書籍App|Silverlight Code Browser|阿達玩APP

* Additional Phone 7 Code Snippets and Silverlight Snippets

* Additional Silverlight OOB Snippets

* Additional Silverlight 4 Snippets

* Tactile Feedback

免費書籍App|Silverlight Code Browser|阿達玩APP

* minor application ui improvements

免費書籍App|Silverlight Code Browser|阿達玩APP

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