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免費工具App|Signal Booster|阿達玩APP

Okay, so your Signal Booster just got the Yellow Light of Death, or anything along the lines of your Signal Booster not turning on due to the dreaded Hardware Failure. So much money spent on a console that's not meant to die, and then it does. Turns out you can make the most of a bad situation, even if you don't have the money to fix it or have a warranty that expired.

免費工具App|Signal Booster|阿達玩APP

Over the past 20 years, cell phone Signal Booster has increased massively, to the point where over 90% of the world's population has Signal Booster coverage. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that reception is getting better and better. Most users think there is nothing they can do to improve their cell phone reception by themselves. This isn't always true, and the following will explain what you can do to ensure improved mobile coverage without waiting for a new tower to magically appear.

免費工具App|Signal Booster|阿達玩APP

The environment between your cell phone and the place your phone is communicating to (like a telephone pole, the first stationary receiver) will work as a kind of filter to the signal you are transmitting and receiving. Your device and the receiver will come up with a "counter filter" to negate this effect. This is done several times a second, but if you are moving it has to be done more often since the environment and the filter it creates changes. Therefore staying still is very important for good signal.

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