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免費工具App|Shortened URL Expander|阿達玩APP

How do you ensure that the shortened URL you have received through email, sms, whatsapp etc is not pointing to a malicious site or content?

The most logical way is to see the actual URL before deciding on whether to proceed accessing the link or not.

The URL Dilato (Dilato is the latin name for expand!) provides an integrated solution where if a shortened link (,,, is clicked anywhere on the Android system, it will provide the option for the user to see the expanded full link before he/she decides to load it in the browser.

Do try our app, and stay safe and secure from malicious links!!!

免費工具App|Shortened URL Expander|阿達玩APP

免費工具App|Shortened URL Expander|阿達玩APP

免費工具App|Shortened URL Expander|阿達玩APP

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