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免費工具App|Server status checker|阿達玩APP

Server checker checks the status of websites you enter, testing if they are online, allowing to set different windows of time. This app will alert the user through a notification if one of the server goes offline. This app proves to be really useful for webmasters and professionals with many websites from different clients. How many times a customer of a website has called asking why the service wasn't working? I hope none, but if you're smart and want to be a step ahead, it's always better to call the customer when something's not right. They'll appreciate it and you'll add value to your business!

There's a limit on how many websites you can have check in every iteration by default, but there's an in app purchase to remove both the advertisements and this limitation.

免費工具App|Server status checker|阿達玩APP

免費工具App|Server status checker|阿達玩APP

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