Selected Sermons|免費玩書籍App


免費書籍App|Selected Sermons|阿達玩APP

Selected Sermons of Jonathan Edwards!

Fully optimized for Windows Phone 8!


Notes section -- autosave notes to save your book musings

Live Tiles -- quickly see what chapter you last read

免費書籍App|Selected Sermons|阿達玩APP

Full text -- works without data connection

Night theme -- saves battery life & easy to read

Copy & Paste -- great for sharing favorite quotes

Menu options -- minimize menus for larger reading area

Metro theme -- clean, attractive UI

Bookmark -- saves your last chapter

Full screen preferences -- customizable menus and headers allow for full screen reading

免費書籍App|Selected Sermons|阿達玩APP

Easy navigation -- swipe page, tap header, use the table of contents, or use menu buttons to change chapters

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