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No ICS support!

免費通訊App|Secure EAS|阿達玩APP


Android 4.x is not supported and as the default Email application on ICS already supports client certificates, it is not clear whether this application would provide any additional benefits.

This app adds support for Client Certificate Authentication to Exchange ActiveSync accounts, supporting email, native calendar and native contacts synchronization.

If you just stumbled upon this app while browsing the Android Market, chances are that you don't need it. It provides a very specific functionality with a very narrow focus and is not of use to a wide audience.

This app is repackaged from the CyanogenMod 6.1 Email app to install and work on non-rooted phones and not conflict with the stock Email. It is primarily intended to help with EAS accounts with two-way SSL requirements, a feature which has been previously contributed to CyanogenMod as well. Any further improvements of general interest will also be contributed back to CM.

Thanks to: Google / AOSP for the baseline, CyanogenMod for improvements, Chris Dean for icon.

===Known issues / future improvements===


- Improve PIN/password dialogs for access to app., provide further configurations for security settings

Pre-existing in stock/CM Email:

- Background Sync setting is not respected

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