Screen Touch Test|免費玩工具App


免費工具App|Screen Touch Test|阿達玩APP

This app is very simple. All you will see is a black screen. Just start touching the screen to see where your finger registers on the screen.

This app serves two purposes:

1. Your fingers touch a portion of the screen, but the touch screen only registers a single pixel. This allows you to see exactly where your device registers your touch.

2. Find out if there are any areas that do not register your touch. For example, your device will likely not register the far edges of your screen.

免費工具App|Screen Touch Test|阿達玩APP


免費工具App|Screen Touch Test|阿達玩APP

* Touch anywhere in the black screen.

免費工具App|Screen Touch Test|阿達玩APP

* The EXIT that appears on the left in random spots can be touched to exist the app if you don't have physical back or home buttons.

* The back button can be used to exit the app as well.

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