SWtOR Server Info (Free)|免費玩工具App


免費工具App|SWtOR Server Info (Free)|阿達玩APP

View information on Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Servers. Displays Up/Down status, Region (or language, for European servers,) server type (PvE, PvP, RP, RP-PvP) and displays population level (Light, Standard, Heavy, Very Heavy, Full, Offline)

**Free Version**

免費工具App|SWtOR Server Info (Free)|阿達玩APP

This version is supported by a small, unobtrusive ad on the main app screen. If you don't want ads, consider purchasing the donation version. The widgets are always ad-free in either version.


免費工具App|SWtOR Server Info (Free)|阿達玩APP

- Save servers to your favorites list for easy access

- Includes full information widget and icon-only widget. Add multiple widgets to keep track of several servers at once.

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