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免費個人化App|SG News|阿達玩APP

*Update 2.0*

免費個人化App|SG News|阿達玩APP

SG News is updated with more News and categories & promises better performance than 1.0, several new features has also been added.

免費個人化App|SG News|阿達玩APP

- Display images from RSS (if they provided one)

- Display published time of article (if provided too)

免費個人化App|SG News|阿達玩APP

- Reworked main page UI, it's a pivot instead of list, save yourself from tapping too much

- Pre-downloaded all articles in one category! *Tip* Download the articles @ home with wifi to save bandwidth and time

免費個人化App|SG News|阿達玩APP

- When you are reading an article, "Eager loading" kicks in and fetches the article before and after your current one

- Animations for going next and previous (We all love eye candies, don't we?)

免費個人化App|SG News|阿達玩APP

- Beautified article page to be more "newspaper" like

- Other measures to try and save your bandwidth consumption, like caching of feeds, etc

免費個人化App|SG News|阿達玩APP

As always, do drop by for feedback & suggestions and i will try my best to put your ideas into the next release

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