Run Donut Run|免費玩休閒App


免費休閒App|Run Donut Run|阿達玩APP

Three donuts are stranded in Muffinland, and the muffins are out to get them...

免費休閒App|Run Donut Run|阿達玩APP

Pick a donut and help it run for its life!

免費休閒App|Run Donut Run|阿達玩APP

Tap on the left side of the screen to jump, tap on the right to shoot towards your tap.

Shooting costs energy, and the longer you stay in the air the faster you drain it. Land to quickly rest up.

Pick up yellow donuts to replenish, or pink donuts to get protection for a few seconds!

Kill the evil muffins, avoid the huge muffins, and careful not to shoot on the pans!

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