Roses Pink n Red|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Roses Pink n Red|阿達玩APP

Rosa und rote Rosen is a new edition, augmented, implemented interactivity. Free wallpaper.

Rosa und rote Rosen interactive edition is new and enriched - previous versions bugs were fixed.

Fantastic animated Gallery with a set in a single original composition.

Rosa und rote Rosen an animated application with plausible animation.

免費個人化App|Roses Pink n Red|阿達玩APP

Gorgeous high quality HQ graphics.

免費個人化App|Roses Pink n Red|阿達玩APP

Replacement images HD HQ background was chosen according to application theme. Double touch on the screen includes menu settings - if you want this feature can be disabled. When you double-finger touch the default page opens the settings menu. This feature can be disabled.

Implement the regime change of images of live wallpapers and modify it in the settings.

Backgrounds are much larger than a run screen - they can be scrolled over desktops in a portrait position.

免費個人化App|Roses Pink n Red|阿達玩APP

Additional animations change their trajectory when the screen is touched by finger, and in this way implementing an interactivity principle.

Filling a workspace with additional animations is also controlled on the application setting menu.

Settings the user can remove unnecessary animations-sets the number of "zero" on the screen.

Find in the Rosa und rote Rosen application settings a possibility of enabling a stylish screen saver over the foreground of wallpaper.

Pressing of a centre of the screen enables sound module.

User may disable sounds in the settings.


SETTING ORDER Rosa und rote Rosen:

1. Upload application on your phone or tablet.

2. General menu - icon = Rosa und rote Rosen = - launch.

Rosa und rote Rosen - our latest solution in the category of alive wallpapers.

Please find all new developments from our group on application separate page, with periodic alerts on top add-ons.

Rosa und rote Rosen interactive wallpaper supports using in a horizontal (landscape) layout.

Please send us a message with your wishes and problems concerning installation and use of application.

Rosa und rote Rosen application was tested and is steadily operated by the majority of popular models from major manufacturers.

免費個人化App|Roses Pink n Red|阿達玩APP

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