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免費休閒App|Rocco´s Block Land Free|阿達玩APP

*** Play the Super Mario Clon 'Rocco´s Block Land' on your Android device ***

Did you remember the good times with Mario? Now it is time to help Rocco to rescue his little friends from the clutches of an evil nemesis and

controll him as in the classics of old game-consoles. Thereby you can expect many exciting levels, lot of enemies and different levelstyles.

If you like platform games, then you need also this game.


What you can expect:

+ a lot of challenging levels

+ 1 bonus level

+ Levelselect: If you have complete a level you can play it as many times as you want

免費休閒App|Rocco´s Block Land Free|阿達玩APP

+ Beautiful background music

+ optimized graphics

+ many different enemies

+ 3 difficults

If you liked Mario , you will like Rocco. So Don´t wait and download this game!

You don´t get enough?

免費休閒App|Rocco´s Block Land Free|阿達玩APP

Get the full version with currently 36 levels and 11 bonus levels.

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免費休閒App|Rocco´s Block Land Free|阿達玩APP


免費休閒App|Rocco´s Block Land Free|阿達玩APP

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