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Road Conditions 1.0

***This version is for California only - more states to come!***

Road Conditions 1.0 is a free, full featured reference guide to the latest road conditions in the state you select. Quickly find out which roads are safe to travel, are closed, or are having traffic/roadwork issues for which an alternate route would be best. Keep you and your family safe by knowing in advance which roads are safe or dangerous to travel!

**If you like Road Conditions free version, try Road Conditions Pro, which includes Road Cams and removes the ads!**

Choosing a state and road is fast and easy, with multiple search options!

Search by:

• “State” – Choose the state you would like road conditions for! (Note: Currently we are releasing California, with more states to follow – free updates of course!)

• “Keyword” (example: “I5”)

• “Region”: brings up a map of that state to click on the region you would like (note: map functionality will differ slightly with each state)

• “Highway:” Brings up list of Interstate highways, US highways, and State Routes

免費旅遊App|Road Conditions|阿達玩APP

• “Mountain Roads” (if applicable to that state)

"Road Conditions finds you a Rest Stop!"

Also in this release of Road Conditions 1.0: find Rest Areas! Using the Iphone’s native Geo location functionality, finding the closest rest area to you has never been easier! Once the rest areas tab is clicked Road Conditions takes you to Google Maps and visually displays all of that states’ rest area locations. It then zooms in to a 50 mile radius of your current position to display the closest rest areas to you! From there, you can click on a particular rest area to find out what facilities it has (ie: restrooms, RV facilities, handicap facilities…etc.). Note: functionality and facility information may differ from state to state!

Key features of Road Conditions:

• Ability to choose the state to which you want road conditions for

• Multiple search options. Search by Keyword, Region, Highway, or Mountain Roads

• Geo locate the nearest Rest Area to you and find out what kind of facilities it has!

• Save your favorite road searches: bookmark the roads you want to remember, and in just one click find out if its conditions have changed!

Disclaimer: Road Conditions updates only as fast as each states’ website is updated (which differs from state to state). Road Conditions is also intended for informational purposes only- not as a life saving device! Use at your own risk! Road Conditions and Let There Be Light Innovations assumes no responsibility for the use of this application.

Please consult each state’s website for more information about current road conditions, and road safety!

免費旅遊App|Road Conditions|阿達玩APP

Road Conditions was created by Let There Be Light Innovations. Please visit us on the web at We value your feedback and input!

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