To call someone a reactionary is to insult them and to end any argument. There is no possible rejoinder: no one could possibly wish to be a reactionary. But what if one were to gratefully accept the label? What would it mean to wilfully and honestly be a reactionary? Referencing thinkers as diverse as Burke, de Maistre, Guénon, Ratzinger, Scruton and the Prince of Wales this book considers the nature of reaction as a justified response to modernity and the constant call for change. Reaction is shown to take two distinct forms: first, as a rejection of progress and a defence of traditional culture and values; and second, as a common sense disquiet and distaste towards elites. These are seen as entirely valid responses to the failure of modernity. 'Reaction' presents an original and thoughtful critique of modernity and a defence of tradition. It will be of interest to anyone concerned that we are heading too far and too quickly in the wrong direction.

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