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Get the Rays the Roof app. It's a must for Tampa Bay Devil Rays fans. Devil Rays and MLB content from raystheroof.com and the Bloguin network. Be the first to know with push notifications delivered direct to your phone. You can also share with other fans via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Other features you won't find in your mobile browser::

- Put your favorite Rays the Roof stories on your Facebook wall.

- Tweet up a storm about your favorite Rays the Roof posts.

- Don't just read, participate. Be part of the action by sending in your photos, videos, and stories.

- Email your friends the Devil Rays news you find interesting.

- Hit the Hot Topics for finding all the hot news.

- Read stories from around the Bloguin network.

Get your Tampa Bay Devil Rays news delivered to your phone as only an app can do.

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