RallyGDP - Driver's Console|免費玩運動App


免費運動App|RallyGDP - Driver's Console|阿達玩APP

RallyGDP - Driver's Console is companion app to RallyGDP - TSD Rally Computer.

The two apps run on different devices and are connected via BlueTooth.

Driver's Console displays data that the driver of car might need during the course of a TSD/Regularity/Historic Rally.

Instructions to use:

免費運動App|RallyGDP - Driver's Console|阿達玩APP

1. Switch on BlueTooth on a device running RallyGDP - TSD Rally Computer via menu.

免費運動App|RallyGDP - Driver's Console|阿達玩APP

2. Once that device is in discovery mode, turn on BlueTooth of the device running RallyGDP Driver's Console via button.

免費運動App|RallyGDP - Driver's Console|阿達玩APP

3. The devices shall connect once pairing is done and data shall be displayed.

4. Repeat the process in case of failure to connect.

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RallyGDP - Driver's Console玩免錢App

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