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免費商業App|QR Manager|阿達玩APP

QR Manager is the only application you need to scan, create & manage QR Codes.Its the complete package!

Fast and reliable,with features including -

免費商業App|QR Manager|阿達玩APP

- QR Scanner

免費商業App|QR Manager|阿達玩APP

- QR Generator / Creator - no need to go onto any website, create your QR codes on the go!

免費商業App|QR Manager|阿達玩APP

- QR Code sharing over messaging,emails and social media sites like Facebook,Twitter and more.

免費商業App|QR Manager|阿達玩APP

- Quick jumps to links specified within the scanned code

免費商業App|QR Manager|阿達玩APP

- Convert you Contacts in QR Code and share with others

免費商業App|QR Manager|阿達玩APP

- Fetch & Convert the google play link of other applications on your device into a QR Code & share them with

免費商業App|QR Manager|阿達玩APP


- One Click view of recently scanned QR codes

Requirements -

In order to use QR Manager, your device must have a built-in camera. When scanning codes that redirect to online content, such as websites, you will need Internet connectivity.

How QR Manager Works -

To scan a QR or BAR code simply open the app, click SCAN, point the camera at the code, and you’re done! There is no need to take a photo or select anything. QR Manager will automatically recognize any QR code or BAR code your camera is pointing at.When scanning a QR code, if the code contains a website URL, you will be prompted to visit that URL. If the code contains text, phone numbers, email addresses, or contact info you will see it immediately.

To create a QR Code simply open the app, click GENERATE, and follow the on screen prompts to either create a custom code or convert your contacts and other applications Google PLAY links into a QR code

DOWNLOAD NOW and start creating your own QR codes!!!!

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