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免費新聞App|Pukkelpop 2014|阿達玩APP

Each year Pukkelpop attracts thousands of vistors from Flanders and far beyond to the Kiewit site near Hasselt. Today Pukkelpop has become one of the biggest alternative open-air festivals in Belgium.

免費新聞App|Pukkelpop 2014|阿達玩APP

Pukkelpop prides itself on its progressive music programme, with its idiosyncratic blend of unforgettable top acts and surprising new talent. Year after year Pukkelpop’s international audience comes to Kiewit Hasselt to listen to a combination of successful contemporary bands, living legends and the most visionary alternative acts from all nooks and crannies of the musical landscape.

免費新聞App|Pukkelpop 2014|阿達玩APP

Each year in August about 200 acts play on one of the 8 Pukkelpop stages during the three-day festival (from Thursday to Saturday)

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