Prescription Pal|免費玩健康App


免費健康App|Prescription Pal|阿達玩APP

Prescription Pal is the perfect organizational tool for maintaining your prescription and vitamin data, personal pharmacy information, and your various doctors’ data. Different than other apps of this kind, Prescription Pal allows you to customize all of your prescription information, with all of your accompanying doctor and pharmacy data. Easy to navigate, this app was designed for anyone who never wants to miss a dosage or doctor’s visit again.


免費健康App|Prescription Pal|阿達玩APP

• 24 hour a day customized automatic alerts and schedules to match you personal schedule

• Easy one click snooze for 15,30, or 60 minutes

免費健康App|Prescription Pal|阿達玩APP

• Customized access to pharmacies addresses and phone numbers

• Customized access to doctor information and alerts

免費健康App|Prescription Pal|阿達玩APP

• Easily enter medication details such as purchase date, refill quantity, physician phone and information, and other important data.

• Prescription provisions for daily, specific days, and all as needed medication.

免費健康App|Prescription Pal|阿達玩APP

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