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免費旅遊App|Posse: restaurant/shop reviews|阿達玩APP

Welcome to Posse – the app that lets you find the best places on earth!

Whether you’re in your own city, or travelling away from home, you’re always looking for the best places to go. From coffee shops and restaurants to bars and beauty salons, it’s always better to find a place that has been recommended to you by a friend.

Posse is a network of shops and people – you can use it to search for new places, get recommendations from friends, collect your favourite spots and get special offers from the places that you love!

With Posse you can:

• Discover your friends' favourite places

• Uncover hidden gems in a new City

免費旅遊App|Posse: restaurant/shop reviews|阿達玩APP

• Search for the best spots nearby

• Look up store details

• Wishlist new places that you want to visit

• Pin your favourite spots, add photos and make themed collections like ‘Cheap eats’ and ‘Favourite shopping spots’

• Receive surprise gifts from the shops that you love

What will you discover on Posse? Get the app now to find and share the best places on earth.

免費旅遊App|Posse: restaurant/shop reviews|阿達玩APP

We're always listening so please continue to send us comments or suggestions to support@posse.com

免費旅遊App|Posse: restaurant/shop reviews|阿達玩APP

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