Pocketbook Appendix+|免費玩書籍App


免費書籍App|Pocketbook Appendix+|阿達玩APP

Pocketbook Appendix+ is english version of Techo-no-furoku+(手帳の付録+).

This application is like the Japanese pocketbook appendix.

It has a lot of information on Japan and more than Pocketbook Appendix.


- Age table

- Conversion table

- Postal charges

- Emergency number

- Japanese holiday

- Rokuyō

- Prefectures of Japan

- Country number

- Time difference

- Writing of letter

免費書籍App|Pocketbook Appendix+|阿達玩APP

- Noshigami

- Calendar (Koyomi)

- Solar system

- The twelve signs of the zodiac

- Language of flowers

- Long-lived celebration

- Wedding Anniversary

- The symbol of an element

- Size table

- Web color code

- Yakudoshi

- Stamp duty

- The 24 Solar Terms

- Paper size

- Root Map

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