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免費音樂App|Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs|阿達玩APP

Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs combines a high resolution tablature player, custom designed for Android smartphones and tablets, with the first, fully licensed tab song store, to give you easy-to-read access to your favorite tabs - on the go. This powerful learning and reference tool allows you to choose songs based on your level of skill, practice warm-up drills, adjust song tempo, and includes a content sensitive chord and effects legend that gives you song specific instructions. Need to work on a specific part of the song? Set loop points anywhere in the song allowing you to automatically repeat difficult measures until you've perfected your play.

Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs also introduces the only tab store in the market, allowing you to purchase professional, licensed song tablatures -- complete with all of the effects used by the songwriter. Commercially available songs are identically encoded to sheet music tablatures available in stores, including all the lyrics, effects, tracks and annotations, with marked difficulty level and multiple song versions rendered at different difficulty levels.

In addition to artist approved commercial songs, Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs allows you to download hundreds of thousands of free tabs available on the internet, or upload tablatures in Guitar Pro format from your desktop to your Android smart phones using Wi-Fi.

免費音樂App|Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs|阿達玩APP


- Easy to read scrolling tablature, custom designed for the Super AMOLED display

- Custom full page tab and music notation for the Android devices

免費音樂App|Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs|阿達玩APP

- Automated tablature playback with adjustable tempo

- Song Store loaded with dozens of free songs and access to professional, licensed music with thumbnail art, MIDI previews and YouTube instructional videos.

- Song Library preloaded with 10 practice drills and warm-up exercises

免費音樂App|Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs|阿達玩APP

- Beginner, Intermediate and Expert tab selection

- In-song, content sensitive chords and effects library

- Chord fret board that let's you practice fingering right on your phone.

免費音樂App|Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs|阿達玩APP

- Upload and Download - upload tabs from your desktop or download straight from the net.

- Email support

Requirement: Android OS 2.1 or later


免費音樂App|Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs|阿達玩APP

- Guitar Pro 3

- Guitar Pro 4

- Guitar Pro 5

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免費音樂App|Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs|阿達玩APP

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免費音樂App|Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs|阿達玩APP

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