Plan 'n' Pack|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|Plan 'n' Pack|阿達玩APP

Plan and pack and just relax!

The trial version allows you to experience all key features before purchasing**.

免費旅遊App|Plan 'n' Pack|阿達玩APP

Before travel:

Use template or create a new plan during your spare time anywhere: during daily commute, while waiting in a queue etc. Save plans and templates for future trips.

Day of travel:

免費旅遊App|Plan 'n' Pack|阿達玩APP

Clear packing status: Maintains count of items actually packed from a list of planned items. Now a situation, when you pack 3 out of 5 shirts because two are still in the dryer, can be easily tracked.

During travel:

Helpful search feature with bag image to avoid opening all bags to search a single item: a convenience when travelling with multiple bags or with entire family. Use it during packing too! Plus, identify your bags in baggage claim area quickly using the bag's image.

免費旅遊App|Plan 'n' Pack|阿達玩APP


• Unique checklist that maintains packed vs. planned status.

• Manage baggage weight.

免費旅遊App|Plan 'n' Pack|阿達玩APP

• Move and insert items anywhere within the list.

• Search bags for items with auto complete functionality.

• Take photograph of your bag or any tags.

• Use your own image icons to denote bags.

免費旅遊App|Plan 'n' Pack|阿達玩APP

• Preserve, edit and view multiple packing plans and templates and back them up on SkyDrive*.

• Send packing plans by email to request someone to assist you in actual packing.

• Status display option on phone tile.

• Data connection required only when using Microsoft OneDrive and using the emailing functionality.

免費旅遊App|Plan 'n' Pack|阿達玩APP

*Microsoft OneDrive based backup facility dependent on continued availability of free access of OneDrive by Microsoft.

**Following documents are viewable in trial version:

免費旅遊App|Plan 'n' Pack|阿達玩APP

(i) Plan 'n' Pack's Microsoft OneDrive usage policy and terms of use on the OneDrive page of the application.

(ii) End User License agreement on about page of the application.

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