Pikchu 2015|免費玩解謎App


免費解謎App|Pikchu 2015|阿達玩APP

Do you like connect games Then you will love Pikchu 2015!

免費解謎App|Pikchu 2015|阿達玩APP

Awesome graphics and difficult puzzles! This will be a difficult adventure and a strain on your nerves!

免費解謎App|Pikchu 2015|阿達玩APP

It's time to prove who is the smartest in town!

免費解謎App|Pikchu 2015|阿達玩APP

One of the most addictive and definitely the funniest game on Store! You will love it!

Download the FREE game now and remember, time to prove that you are good at it!

The task of the game is to find pairs of identical so that the seam between pairs of folded no more than 2 times to remove them, screen play ends when removing the entire image pairs.

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