Pet Crunch|免費玩休閒App


免費休閒App|Pet Crunch|阿達玩APP

Once you start to pop, you can't stop! Now you can save & load your game scenario.

★ The most popular classic game is coming back with all new experiences & design:

✓ New Block Role - 5 Styles.

✓ Save & Load your game scenario.

✓ New UI with Perfect Arts.

免費休閒App|Pet Crunch|阿達玩APP

✓ New Original Music & SFX make you enjoy all the time.

✓ Scoreloop Supported.

★ How to Play:

✓ Just tap two or more pets of the same color, you score.

✓ There is no time limit, but to proceed to next stage, you need to reach target score.

✓ Magic-Pets can help you to change the color of pet during playing.

Game style:pop star, candy crunch, pet pop, pet crush, pet resuce, girls game

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