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免費解謎App|Overflow Qt|阿達玩APP

Based on original work by Tim B. Laursen (see http://overflow.sourceforge.net/), Overflow is a two player board game, released under the CeCILL-V2 license (GPL-compatible) - which basically means that the source code is freely available.

The key principle of the game is that each cell on the board can contain a piece of maximum size 3, and if you increase this size, the piece is distributed, "overflown", on the four neighbouring cells.

- Play against someone else or the computer (6 strength levels).

免費解謎App|Overflow Qt|阿達玩APP

- Unlimited take back.

- Hinting when playing against the computer.

- Changeable colours.

免費解謎App|Overflow Qt|阿達玩APP

- Self-adjusting screen layout according to orientation.

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