Nine To Six|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Nine To Six|阿達玩APP

Nine To Six

A complete Work Life Management app with cool widget which tracks your work time, tasks, holidays, leaves, reports and more.


-Track your daily login in and logout time

-Suggests logout time

免費個人化App|Nine To Six|阿達玩APP

-Suggests login time depending on your average login time to avoid salary deductions

-Create Activity Report and Month Summary Report and share with your manager

-Keep track of your leaves, half days and comp off

-Cool widget shows remaining work time for the day

-Add work details daily as Notes

免費個人化App|Nine To Six|阿達玩APP

-Add Holidays and Tasks to get reminder

-Search or delete a day and more

Start using in 3 easy steps:

-Create 4 digit secure Nine To Six PIN

-Save settings

免費個人化App|Nine To Six|阿達玩APP


免費個人化App|Nine To Six|阿達玩APP

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Nine To Six玩免錢App

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