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免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

Nepal Stock Watch is designed to bring you a comprehensive mobile stock market experience. No matter you are newbie or experienced stock trader, you will need a real-time full Portfolio app to help you organize, watch and research. So this is the app you will ever need. Nepal Stock Watch is such a comprehensive portfolio manager that not only manages portfolio but also giving information about Nepal Stock Market.

免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

Watch your portfolio value change in Real-time and various reports at your fingertips. Check on all holding stock’s current value if they are on profit or loss and your current investments updates in real time.


• Complete Real-time Stock Quotes;

免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

• Clear and well organized portfolio positions layout.

免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

• Detail real time portfolio gain/loss summary

免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

• Chart view of all holdings to visualize changes over time

免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

• Easily search and add stock using company name or symbol

免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

• Create unlimited portfolios

免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

• Realized gain/loss and Gain/loss summary in each portfolio

免費財經App|Nepal Stock Watch|阿達玩APP

• Simple line chart with zoom in zoom out feature

• Live Shares price with personal share filtering option

• Floor Share price with personal share filtering option

• Stock calculator with detail display of incurred taxes and commissions.

If you have queries about the app , please feel free to contact I.Quest Technologies Pvt. Ltd Jwagal, Lalitpur.

Ph: 5260951

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