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免費書籍App|Nautical Terms|阿達玩APP

Avast, Matey! The perfect pocket reference for all things Nautical! A Sailing, boating and marine glossary of terms right at your finger tips.

No internet connection required, whether out on the water or watching the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, find out what terms like Boxhauling, Dunnage and Gimbleting mean in seconds!

The most comprehensive compilation of Nautical terms available for Windows Phone 7.

免費書籍App|Nautical Terms|阿達玩APP


* Massive Database

* Fast, Comprehensive Search

* Favorites and Recent Features

* Clear, Concise Definitions

免費書籍App|Nautical Terms|阿達玩APP

* Clean, Un-Cluttered Interface

* No Internet Connection Required

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