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免費教育App|Native Speakers|阿達玩APP

Native Speakers may be very useful, especially for us who are not proficient in speaking or saying the word or phrase in a foreign language such as French language.

With this app you can:

- Listen to the words of Native Speakers

- Matching your speech with speech Native Speakers*

- Changing the speech to text

Languages ​​supported:

- Chinese Simplified (PRC) (zh-CN)

- Chinese Traditional (Taiwan) (zh-TW)

- Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong) (zh-HK)

免費教育App|Native Speakers|阿達玩APP

- French (fr-FR)

- English [India] (en-IN)

- English [UK] ​​(en-GB)

- English [US] (en-US)

- Italian (it-IT)

- Japanese (ja-JP)

- German (de-DE)

- Polish (pl-PL)

- Portuguese (pt-BR)

- Russian (ru-RU)

- Spanish (es-ES)

免費教育App|Native Speakers|阿達玩APP

- Spanish [Mexico] (es-MX)

If the voice language is not installed, you can install by downloading it through speech settings on your phone. [settings> speech> speech language]

* the results of the matching may not always be true

What's new in version

- The addition of the word match feature

- Supports all languages ​​available speech

- Turn back features the donation

- Minimize the file size to around 438KB

免費教育App|Native Speakers|阿達玩APP

- Improve appearance

免費教育App|Native Speakers|阿達玩APP

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