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免費娛樂App|Mr. Traveler|阿達玩APP

The world is full of wonderful places and each country differs not only by its people and traditions, but by memorable and unusual places. Would You like to test Your knowledge of attractions all over the world or to learn about new places which are worth visiting, traveling in real life all over the world? Then the game "Traveler" is exactly what You need.

In the beginning, You have a small start-up capital for making the travel, which will give You an opportunity to visit a limited number of countries. Visiting the countries, You earn money, determining to what city in the country of your choice this or that sight belongs. The more correct answers - the more money, the more money - the more countries to travel to.

You do not have to know everything, but only correct answers will allow You to visit all the countries.

Travel! The world is full of interesting places! Start to get to know them immediately!

免費娛樂App|Mr. Traveler|阿達玩APP

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