Motivate Me Lite|免費玩生活App


免費生活App|Motivate Me Lite|阿達玩APP

Do you need a morning inspiration?

Do you need something to inspire your friends, family or beloved one?

Or...are you lost in this sea of life...?

So you can try "Motivate Me Lite"!

免費生活App|Motivate Me Lite|阿達玩APP

"Motivate Me Lite" is an amazing app that can change your life.

This app delivers one of the best inspirational and motivational quotes that will help you be more positive and confident.

It's proved by science that reading inspiring quotes daily will give you a happy life.

"Motivate Me Lite" contains brilliant quotes from leaders, authors, philosophers and people from all walks of life.

Use these quotes regularly to inspire, motivate and enlighten you.

免費生活App|Motivate Me Lite|阿達玩APP

Features summary:

- Beautiful and easy to navigate user interface.

- Use Swipe gestures to move between quotes.

- Share via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or mail.

免費生活App|Motivate Me Lite|阿達玩APP

- Ability to favorite quotes so you can easily view or share them later.

- Different themes.

- Choose between native or transparent tile.

- and more to come....

免費生活App|Motivate Me Lite|阿達玩APP

Motivate yourself, share the quotes to your family and friends and spread the happiness!

免費生活App|Motivate Me Lite|阿達玩APP

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