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免費生活App|Mobile Bartender|阿達玩APP

THE biggest, fastest and most comprehensive drink app in the marketplace, period! Now with LIVE TILES. Main features include:

Unlimited Content:


• Over 6,500 unique recipes and growing, add your own.

• Pick from hundreds of Ingredients ALL with images.

免費生活App|Mobile Bartender|阿達玩APP



• LIVE TILE support flips to show currently featured drink.

• PUSH NOTIFICATION shows new drinks added to the system by other users.

• Discover the most popular drinks, our users' favorites and the top rated drinks.

免費生活App|Mobile Bartender|阿達玩APP

• Go Local and see what the most popular and favorite drinks are where you are right now!

Browse and Search:


• Fast loading and browsing through drinks with NO internet connection required.

• Fast search by drink name, ingredient name, or anything else.

免費生活App|Mobile Bartender|阿達玩APP

• Browse by categories (ie: shots vs cocktails), by spirit (ie: vodka vs tequila), etc

• MyBar feature shows only what you can actually make with the ingredients you have.



• Create your own drinks (Pro only) and share with others.

免費生活App|Mobile Bartender|阿達玩APP

• User ratings and reviews for drinks - See how others have rated your favorite drinks.

• Share drinks on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MSN, and LinkedIn.

• Share drinks via Email or Text Message.



免費生活App|Mobile Bartender|阿達玩APP

• Set drinks as favorites for quick access within the app.

• Secondary LIVE TILE support - Beautifully Pin any drink to the start screen for super-fast retrieval!



• Your drinks are sync'd to all of your devices. Edit them from any device.

免費生活App|Mobile Bartender|阿達玩APP

• New phone? No problem, all of your drinks and your favorites are safely backed up.

The FREE version is Ad supported. You can upgrade to the Pro version within the app which removes the Ads and allows you to create your own custom drinks.

Please visit to contact us for help or questions.

免費生活App|Mobile Bartender|阿達玩APP

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