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免費健康App|Mindfulness 3D|阿達玩APP

Give yourself a break and focus on yourself for a change!

A quote from a user of a much simpler version of this app:

"Great for body scanning I love the way it encourages you to focus on relaxing the body. Gets you out of your head and in to the zone!"

Mindfulness exercise is a relaxation tool that takes you on a guided tour around your body. It's a bit like meditation.

Scanning your body is one of the techniques used in practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is a researched and acknowledged psychological tool for dealing with stress and being more present in this moment as opposed to being preoccupied by past or future events. Being present in this moment is one of the key themes in ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

If you exercise to take care of your body why shouldn't you exercise to take care of your mind?

Full instructions with images at www.whynotgamify.com/mindfulness but here is an excerpt:

免費健康App|Mindfulness 3D|阿達玩APP

-Find a comfortable, relaxed posture.

-Remove your glasses and open your belt. Loosen any constricting or chafing clothes.

-Find your breath. Focus your mind to how your breath feels in your nostrils.

-Listen to the narration, watch the animation and follow the instructions.


Please note:

1) This app is not a medical device.

2) Focusing intently on your body can cause powerful feelings, emotions or even distressing bodily sensations to emerge.

3) If you feel overwhelmed stop the exercise immediately and consult a medical professional before trying again.

免費健康App|Mindfulness 3D|阿達玩APP

If you suffer from dissociation, derealization or depersonalization this mindfulness exercise might help you but it is not a medical device nor a therapeutic tool for dealing with the aforementioned syndromes. Try the exercise at your own risk and remember to consult your physician.

免費健康App|Mindfulness 3D|阿達玩APP

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