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How do you prepare a child to focus and succeed in our world today? "Mind in the Making: The Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs" attempts to answer that question. In the Vook version, the book is enhanced with video content and links to the Internet to create a truly rich and rewarding reading experience. Download it today and shed significant light on your child's future. The Vook version separates the main book into three separate volumes, each offering valuable treatments and explorations of different developmental skill sets. In this third volume, Galinsky focuses on the skills of Taking on Challenges and Self-Directed, Engaged Learning. For the last eight years, Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institute, a specialist in child development and education, worked with more than 75 top researchers in the field, collaborating with New Screen Concepts to film their experiments. The result is an unprecedented collaborative effort to bring the science of early learning to families and all those who work with children. In "Mind in the Making", she shares what these leading researchers have discovered and how they have discovered it. She then takes their findings a step further, identifying 7 life skills that will help children reach their full potential and arm them to succeed in our fast-paced, multi-tasking world. Most importantly, she shows others how to instill these skills in their children by doing everyday things in new ways – and in playful, fun ways. It will be news to most parents that these life skills must be taught and don’t always come naturally in today’s world. Educate and empower yourself and your children - download this Vook today!

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