Mind Twister|免費玩解謎App


免費解謎App|Mind Twister|阿達玩APP

Are you getting tired of those running and racing games?

We are introducing Mind twister game to itch your mind.

免費解謎App|Mind Twister|阿達玩APP

So let’s improve your Brain. Our Mind twister is brain exercise for healthier and sharper brain. Mind twister is ready to improve your reasoning skills. Mind twister is really mind twisting strategy game where the objective is tricky : you have to memorize numbers placing then you have to pick those number in increasing order be carefully because you have to clear your current round to move to the next. This game is very effective on those people who are losing their catching power of brain or memorizing power of brain. It’s time to itch your brain.


免費解謎App|Mind Twister|阿達玩APP

Mind twister game is very tremendous sequence of puzzles which will really twist your mind.

Endless play mode

免費解謎App|Mind Twister|阿達玩APP

Different levels for brain exercise.

Submit score globally.

免費解謎App|Mind Twister|阿達玩APP

high-res themes.

Simply addicting.

免費解謎App|Mind Twister|阿達玩APP

Download this game and itch your mind with Mind twister app.

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