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免費旅遊App|Metro DC|阿達玩APP

*Now with Silver Line support*

MetroDC is the #1 application to provide riders with real time bus and train information for the Washington DC Metro system. Current features include:

- Real time train (subway) arrival information.

- Real time bus arrival information.

- Real time information from Capital Bike Share.

- Nearest bus, train station or bike kiosk information, with convenient walking or driving directions.

- Configurable WMATA system rider alerts (rail and bus), straight to your live tile / lockscreen.

- Zoomable WMATA map and Metro pocket guides.

免費旅遊App|Metro DC|阿達玩APP

- Local taxi information.

v4.2 Updates bus stop information.

v4.1 - Adds Silver Line support.

v4.0 - Adds numbers of cars to subway subway time predictions.

v3.8.1 - Bug fix for WP 8.1 users

v3.8 - Directions now use built in phone map.

v3.7 Adds seasonal cherry blossom information.

v3.6 App now recovers from being tombstoned.

免費旅遊App|Metro DC|阿達玩APP

v3.5 Fixes bug on bus route page.

v3.4 - Updates bus stop location information.

v3.3 Stability fixes

v3.1 / 3.2 Added taxi information for Washington D.C. metro area.

v3.0 Revamped home screen with improved Windows Phone styling.

v2.4 Bug fixes

v2.3 Added tutorials

v2.2 Maps now show your current location. Bug fixes.

免費旅遊App|Metro DC|阿達玩APP

v2.1 Added bike information from Capital Bike Share.

v2.0 Complete Rewrite. New 'nearby' map

v1.9.4 Fixes broken 'Load to Favorites' option.

v1.9.3 Increases font size to improve readability

v1.9.2 Added new 'Stations by Color' tool

v1.9.1 Added link to free WMATA mobile trip planner

v1.9 Bug fixes

v1.8 Bug fixes

免費旅遊App|Metro DC|阿達玩APP

v1.7 Bus Schedules

v1.6 Live WMATA bus alerts

v1.5 May now view bus route data, include a map of the bus route.

v1.4 LiveTile now flips to display more information. May also view alerts on lockscreen.

v1.3 LiveTile now displays WMATA alert counts.

v1.2 Optionally load directly to Favorites screen.

v1.1 Added ability to save favorite app bus/train stations

v1.0 Apps initial release

免費旅遊App|Metro DC|阿達玩APP

Updates bus stop information

免費旅遊App|Metro DC|阿達玩APP

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