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免費旅遊App|Melbourne Gourmet|阿達玩APP

There are comprehensive guides, elite guides and cheap guides. New Gourmet Melbourne is none of these.

NEW GOURMET MELBOURNE by Deck of Secrets profiles 52 of the best gastronomic start-ups from the past year, as well as some reinvented favourites and long-awaited sequels. Take tequila flights without a parachute at Touché Hombre or go roti mad at Mamak. Still hungry? Jump on the bun bandwagon at Wonderbao, eat sustainably at Silo or demolish some key lime pie at Belle’s Diner.

In bookshops you’ll find New Gourmet Melbourne in a deck of cards format with each restaurant profiled on its own card with a map on the back. They make a great gift too.

免費旅遊App|Melbourne Gourmet|阿達玩APP

Too much choice is more pain than pleasure so if you know Melbourne well or enjoy places that are new and different then this guide is for you.

Each restaurant has been carefully chosen from the 100 plus new places that opened last year. Each venue was visited or revisited by one of our team of four local food lovers and writers.

免費旅遊App|Melbourne Gourmet|阿達玩APP


Don’t bother carrying bulky guidebooks, scouring the web or asking surly taxi drivers for suggestions. You can have insider information where and when you need it in a clear, accessible format.


免費旅遊App|Melbourne Gourmet|阿達玩APP

* 52 of the best new places to eat out in the centre of town and surrounds

* Full colour pictures revealing each venue

* Logos to help you find each place on the street

* Engaging descriptions of each venue

免費旅遊App|Melbourne Gourmet|阿達玩APP

* Full contact details

* 100% independent

* All venues have been chosen for quality, authenticity and variety

免費旅遊App|Melbourne Gourmet|阿達玩APP

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