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Do you take any meds, supplements, or vitamins? Ever find yourself wondering if you took them or not? Meds Tracker is a very simple, easy-to-use app that helps you keep track of when you last took your meds as well as the next time you need to take them.

Meds Tracker supports getting reminders when it's time to take one of your meds and also has support for three different types of schedules: custom daily schedules (i.e., you specify the exact times), fixed schedules (e.g., every three hours), and sliding schedules (e.g., three hours after the last time you took the medication).

免費健康App|Meds Tracker|阿達玩APP

It also has complete support for fast app switching and at-a-glance Live Tile support for the next scheduled medication.

免費健康App|Meds Tracker|阿達玩APP

Features include:

• Helps track any kind of medicine, supplement, and vitamin

• See next med to take on Live Tile

免費健康App|Meds Tracker|阿達玩APP

• Get reminders/alarms when it’s time to take meds and when to get refills

• Supports specifying 'quiet hours' to disable alarms while sleeping

• Tracks when you last took each med (and whether it’s overdue)

免費健康App|Meds Tracker|阿達玩APP

• Three scheduling models available (fixed, sliding, and custom)

• Support for 'shelving' meds temporarily

• Share meds list via email (handy for printing out list to share with doctors)

免費健康App|Meds Tracker|阿達玩APP

• Supports your local date/time settings (12/24 hour, etc.)

NOTE: The 'Custom Daily' schedules feature is only available in the paid version of Meds Tracker. Meds Tracker Free only has support for the 'Sliding' and 'Fixed' schedule types.

免費健康App|Meds Tracker|阿達玩APP

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