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1. Added new tools: Pedometer and lap timers

2. Added support for Cholestrol, Allergies and Immunizations

3. Improved page flows and transitions

4. Improved charting controls in each section.


Do you worry about losing your health information stored locally on phone or by a third party that is not HEPA compliant? MedVaultLite is for you!

MedVaultLite is designed to empower you to store, track and manage your personal health record information in a safe and secure way using Microsoft HealthVault account.

You can record the following information in the MedVaultLite version.


• Weight

• Weight Goal

• Blood Pressure

• Blood Glucose

• Exercises (related to Weight or BP or BG or General)


• Reminders

• Take screenshots and share the information quickly!

• Share the information with anyone (ex: Primary case physician.)

--> Additionally all of the above details can be pinned to start and provies a quick access to your vitals and goals without even launching the App.

--> Excercises: For each of the above stated vitals MedVaultLite allows you to record corresponding excercises. For complete details you can check "Complete Features" section of the link secified above.


The home screen gives you a quick overview of your last recorded weight, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and Activity. Click on each button to drill further where you can check on

1. History

2. Historcal Graph

3. Goals


4. Excercises

What do you need to use the App!

You will need an account created with Microsoft HealthVault. Its easy and only involves two steps providing minimal information. If you already have an HealthVault Account you can login with existing account.

Once logged in App will ask you aothorize the access of your Personal Health Record. Once authorized you are all set and ready to go.


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