Math Clacker-mental arithmetic|免費玩教育App


免費教育App|Math Clacker-mental arithmetic|阿達玩APP

Mental arithmetic for adults and children for free.

Improve your skill in mental arithmetic or practise together with your child the 4 important arithmetic operators. ( addition, subtraction, multiplication and division )

Sanbox mode:

Set up the range of numbers, the arithmetic operator and the number of decimal places to get the best learn experience.

Highscore mode with 3 difficulty:

免費教育App|Math Clacker-mental arithmetic|阿達玩APP

Solve as many tasks in 90 seconds to get as much points as possible.


-the four basic arithmetic operators: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

-set up the game in the way you like

免費教育App|Math Clacker-mental arithmetic|阿達玩APP

-game statistics

-two different game modes: sandbox / highscore mode

免費教育App|Math Clacker-mental arithmetic|阿達玩APP

-graphics optimized for big displays

You have trouble with the app or want new features ? Please contact us and we will care about it as soon as possible.

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免費教育App|Math Clacker-mental arithmetic|阿達玩APP

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