Mafia Driver|免費玩賽車遊戲App


免費賽車遊戲App|Mafia Driver|阿達玩APP

"Mafia Driver for Android is an exciting car racing game which turns you into a Mafia driver with a wonderful car racing experience. With easy and simple control, this game will give you a series of unforgettable racing experience.

免費賽車遊戲App|Mafia Driver|阿達玩APP

The game has two control mode for you to choose from, the motion control and the touch control. The motion control lets you tilt device left and right to move car and touch control permit you to tap left or right side of screen to move car, what's more, tap on nitro icon to use nitro and boost car on top speed for both the two modes.

免費賽車遊戲App|Mafia Driver|阿達玩APP

What's more, there're also two game modes to entertain you. You can just drive as far as you can escaping from police in Quick Play, and there is no end for your game if you drive well enough. You can also progress in your career as Mafia Driver with the Challenge Mode.

免費賽車遊戲App|Mafia Driver|阿達玩APP

There are different missions in the challenge mode for you to complete, and you need to trap police cars, collect money and reach the spot in time and win the heart of Lisa the Mafia lady. Never forget to collect as many battles as possible to extreme your car speed. Now start your car racing with extreme speed in Mafia Driver for Android.-"

免費賽車遊戲App|Mafia Driver|阿達玩APP

Wish you a very happy new year!

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