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Do you want to read Microsoft MSDN magazine on your Windows Phone? If the answer is yes, this app is all you need. MSDN Magazine, a monthly publication from Microsoft, has lots of high quality and must-to-read technical articles for developers using Microsoft technologies. This app provides the access to all MSDN magazine issues and articles. This app support multiple content languages.

MSDN Magazine has the following features:

免費書籍App|MS Dev Magazine|阿達玩APP

1. You can access all MSDN magazine issues and articles from year 2001 to now and forward;

2. If a new issue is available on MSDN magazine website, you can get it from this app as well. You may need to refresh the issue year page to get the latest issue because this app caches pages;

免費書籍App|MS Dev Magazine|阿達玩APP

3. You can get access to Script junkie which has many excellent articles for web developers;

4. This app tailors MSDN magazine articles to fit the Windows Phone screen, and both text and pictures have nice and neat display;

5. You can change the article font size to get the ideal display for you;

免費書籍App|MS Dev Magazine|阿達玩APP

6. This app caches visited MSDN magazine articles, and it isn't required to download them again when you read it next time;

7. You can download a section of articles (one article and its immediate lower level articles) for later offline reading;

8. It automatically saves browsing history, and you can easily find the articles you read before;

免費書籍App|MS Dev Magazine|阿達玩APP

9. You can navigate MSDN magazine structure, and locate the issues and articles you want to read;

10. You can also locate articles through topics;

11. You can bookmark articles and read them later;

免費書籍App|MS Dev Magazine|阿達玩APP

12. You can add articles to to-read list and they will disappear from to-read list once you read them;

13. Of course, you can search MSDN magazine articles;

14. This app shows the latest MSDN news;

免費書籍App|MS Dev Magazine|阿達玩APP

15. You can share MSDN magazine articles with friends through email;

16. You can browse out of this app and open an article in IE;

17. You can provide feedback through email, and we love your feedback;

免費書籍App|MS Dev Magazine|阿達玩APP

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